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Welcome to CruiseMapper.com, an independent website dedicated to securing future-travelers with detailed information on cruising. There are many cruise deals available, so we help the cruisers to pick the right one to the right cruise ship. The future-cruisers might search the database of nearly 35 cruise lines, 200 cruise ships and over 20,000 cruises to find that perfect cruise.

Our aim is to promote cruising as a great holiday choice and our website is free to the general public looking for its best cruise deals.

Cruise Mapper is an impartial cruise information website with many thousands of cruises to show the travelers detailed itineraries, ports of departure, cruise ships' reviews, current position of the cruise ships and lots of useful information about the ship you choose. If you really need to find your special ocean or river cruise then this is the right place to look.

Cruise ships are the least expensive way to travel in style and luxury on your holiday. Transportation, lodging and feedings are all included, and a cruise is going to have several distinct ports of call within a single voyage. To fly individually to the same destinations, to pay for transfers, room and meals would cost several times more than the cruise package.

So, here at CruiseMapper.com you'll find schedules for all cruises departing from ports around all over the world. Helping you select the perfect one to you, saving you the extra expenditures you would do otherwise.