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  • fire – 2016 (during ship construction in Japan), delayed delivery/launch
  • ship listing/tilting – 2017 (North Sea storm)
  13 January 2017Ship Listing

On January 13, 2017, at ~9 pm in North Sea, while returning to homeport Hamburg Germany, the ship suffered listing from extremely strong winds and rogue waves (up to 7 m / 23 ft high). All passengers were ordered back to their staterooms. AIDA Cruises confirmed the incident, reporting injuries to 3 passengers (2 with bruises, 1 with bone fracture).

During the hurricane, Elbe River (that connects Hamburg to North Sea) was closed for ships. However, Hamburg port authorities made an exception for AIDAprima, allowing the ship to enter and reach its berth at the Steinwerder terminal at ~7:45 am (on January 14).

  11 January 2016Fire Accident

On January 11, 2016, during construction, the vessel experienced a small fire accident at the Nagasaki shipyard in Japan. The accident occurred at 8:30 pm local time. All workers and crew were immediately evacuated. No injuries were reported.

The shipyard’s fire team, helped by local authorities, quickly extinquished the fire. The fire started on Deck 7 during laying electrical cables near the ship’s Theater lounge (Theatrium). The cause for the fire was “technical defect in the electrical wiring”. The affected area was ~15 m2 / 160 ft2.

  December 2015Structural and Technical Issues

In 2013 (2 years into the shipbuilding project) the Mitsubishi company replaced many of the project’s management and engineering teams, including external specialists (non-Japanese). Detailed design works were finished in mid-2015. The ship’s 3rd set of sea trials was finished at the end of December 2015.

The original MHI contract was USD 650 million for each of both AIDA vessels, including the ship design work. The Mitsubishi company booked a loss of USD 1,7 billion, including the compensation to AIDA Cruises. There were even rumors about MHI exiting the cruise ship building business.

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