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This page has information on Cruise and Maritime Voyages (abbrev CMV) ships schedules and news. Here we offer you Cruise Maritime's line review, company history, CMV ships sailing dates with prices per person, destinations and itineraries information (departure ports, ports of call, itinerary changes).

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Headquartered in Essex, United Kingdom, the Cruise Maritime line offers onboard product which is at the lower end of the cruise market. The Cruise and Maritime Voyages passenger shipping company was formed in 2009 and is owned by Global Maritime Group (majority shareholder company). As a product, Cruise and Maritime offers varied itineraries, featuring:

  • Child-free (16 years old and over) traditional cruising experience with captain’s welcome and farewell dinners.
  • Relatively small ships in scale which means they're capable of travelling to out-of-the-way ports of call, unthinkable to be reached by larger cruise ships.
  • Leisurely, peaceful home-from-home on board atmosphere, friendly and attentive service.
  • Loyal following - Cruise and Maritime Voyages are popular among both experienced and first-time cruisers.
  • As more and more cruisers choose to sail from the UK, CMV brings cruising closer to home with ex-UK 'no fly' cruising holidays. Cruise & Maritime Voyages provides convenient regional departures from eight British ports: Leith, Greenock, Bristol Avonmouth, Rosyth, Liverpool, London Tilbury, Hull and Newcastle Tyne.
  • The start of a CMV cruise holiday is a stress-free experience as the line generally sails in the early evening, which means a leisurely start to the holiday. The arrival is in the early morning so passengers can complete in good time their homeward travel arrangements.
  • Cruise & Maritime Voyages offers entertainment and enrichment programs created specifically for more mature British passengers. Entertainment is in the form of quizzes, revues, and traditional shows. On board enrichment includes guest speakers such as maritime historians, destination experts, and even a retired detective from New Scotland Yard.
  • Cruise & Maritime Voyages was founded by parent company Cruise & Maritime Services International. CMV’s majority shareholder, Global Maritime Group incorporates Global Maritime, Deep Sea Mooring, Deep Sea Installation, Vryhof Anchors and Marine Contracting in an independent company working within maritime and offshore engineering, marine warranty, marine quality assurance, dynamic positioning, mooring and anchors, vessel inspection, as well as installation of offshore structures. Company's staff consists of civil, structural, mechanical and marine engineers, risk analysts and master mariners.
  • After the April 2017 acquisition of Pacific Pearl (Columbus), CMV fleet has all 5 ocean ships plus 1 river ship, accounting for a total of 4,906 lower berths.
  • In 2017, CMV had approx 10% share of the out of UK cruise market, with predicted growth of 12% in 2018. According to the company's projections, in 2018 CMV Group will carry 130,000 passengers and accrue a turnover of over GBP 200 million. In 2017, CMV ships had scheduled a total of 87 itineraries leaving from 14 UK and Ireland home-ports, accounting for over 1 million bed nights. In 2018, this number jumped to 92 itineraries from 13 ports and over 1,2 million bed nights.
  • CMV's predictions are about 10% UK cruise market share in 2017 and rising to 12% in 2018. CMV Group's projections for 2018 are for over 130,000 cruise passengers and turnover of GBP 200 million.
  • The company's key source markets are the UK, Germany, USA and Australia. However, Northern Europe is its top global destination, where all CMV ships operate during summer months.

In June 2017, CMV entered into partnership with the UK tea brand "Whittard of Chelsea". The brand first was introduced on the new ship (Columbus) and on MS Marco Polo. The British retailer is well known for its tea and coffee blends, china and confectionery. The company supplies CMV cruise ships with tea and chocolate beverages, plus gift collections on sale at onboard shops.

(new) CMV Mexican cruise brand "Cruceros Maritimos Vacacionales"

On December 19, 2017, CMV announced Magellan ship's 2019 winter deployment to Mexican Riviera (Pacific Mexico).

  • The ship starts operations on February 3 (2019) under a new company brand name - "Cruceros Marítimos Vacacionales".
  • The 7-day cruise itinerary program (February through March 2019) offers roundtrips from both Acapulco and Manzanillo. The roundtrip itinerary departs on Sundays and visits the Pacific Mexico's ports Cabo San Lucas (Baja California), Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, Manzanillo, and has 2 sea days.
  • Sunday departures allow passengers to spend overnight in Acapulco (by booking pre- and post-cruise packages combining up to 5-day land stay (hotels and tours) with the 7-day cruise.
  • The average 7-day cruise prices start from USD 700 pp (MXN 14,000 / Mexican pesos).
  • Maiden 2019 season's total passenger capacity was estimated at 12,000. For 2019, the ship will operate a total of ten 7-day voyages. CMV has plans to extend season 2020 to 5 months, eventually deploying the liner in Mexico for year-round operations.
  • CMV opened a sales office in Mexico City in April 2018. It is expected that 80-85% of the embarking passengers will be Mexican.

New ships

In early March 2016 CMV announced that in 2017 the company will increase its UK capacity by 25% (up to 95,000 passengers) by adding a new cruise vessel to its fleet. This was the P&O Cruises Australia ship Pacific Pearl (later renamed to Columbus). The vessel was launched in 1989, first operated by Princess Cruises, then (since 2010) by P&O Australia. CMV Columbus started operations from Tilbury-London on June 9, 2017, becoming the fleet's flagship.

The 1400-passenger ship has 150 single cabins (from a total of 775 staterooms) and is marketed as "adults-only" vessel. Occasionally, it offers select voyages for all age groups. CMV's 2017 itinerary proram (that included the new ship) was released on April 7, 2016. Early booking deals offered reduced prices plus a 25% single supplement promo.

On March 7, 2018, the company announced the purchase of MS Pacific Eden from P&O Australia. The vessel joins the CMV fleet in April 2019 under the name "MS Vasco de Gama".

Itinerary of Cruise and Maritime Voyages

The current Cruise and Maritime fleet includes the following vessels (owned and operated under charter):

  • mv Astor (1987) - the ship operates in Australia, South Africa, Caribbean, and also offers World Cruise itineraries
  • mv Astoria / ms Azores (1948) British Isles, Iceland, Eastern Mediterranean. The ship was renamed in 2015 from "MS Azores". In Spring 2016 started a new program with Iberia (Spain and Portugal) and UK (British Isles) cruises out of Bristol England. In July 2016, CMV announced that the ship leaves the fleet in 2018. Following the spring 2017 season for CMV (Tilbury roundtrips March 9 through April 27, 2017), the ship was chartered for 1 year by the French company Rivages du Monde.
  • ms Columbus / Pacific Pearl - (P&O Australia ship launched in 1988) - joins the fleet in 2017. The new ship operates year-round in Europe leaving from Tilbury-London to Norway Fjords, Scandinavia and Russia, British Isles. The ship also offers Transatlantic round-trips from UK to Caribbean. In winter 2017-2018 Columbus will operate a 120-night voyage around the world from Tilbury London.
  • ms Magellan (1985) - the ship operates in Europe (Baltic, Norwegian Fjords, British Islands, Iceland), Transatlantic, Caribbean. From 2017 Magellan was departing out of Newport on mini cruises to Dublin, Norwegian Fjords and Canary islands, plus a 42-night Transatlantic cruise to Brazil from London Tilbury. In 2019, the ship starts Mexican Riviera cruises (on February 3) under a new company brand name - "Cruceros Marítimos Vacacionales". The 7-day itinerary program (February through March 2019) offers roundtrips from both Acapulco and Manzanillo, with ports of call MazatlanPuerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas (Baja California), plus 2 sea days. Maiden season's total passenger capacity was estimated at 12,000.
  • ms Marco Polo (1965) - the ship operates in Northern Europe (Baltic, Norway Fjords, British Isles). The ship also offers Transatlantic roundtrips from UK to Canada New England. In winter 2017-2018, the ship offers itineraries to France, Spain and Portugal leaving from Bristol, Liverpool and Belfast (Northern Ireland). The first itinerary (Bistol to France) is on March 31, 2018.

Cruise and Maritime Voyages’ 6th ship, Vasco da Gama (still sailing as Pacific Eden), operates 2 voyages from London Tilbury in 2019. Following in the steps of the Portuguese explorer, the latest addition to the fleet of CMV sails from Singapore to London via India next April on its maiden voyage. Travellers can fly from the United Kingdom on April 22, 2019 and join ms Vasco da Gama on this 45-night trip, also including Sri Lanka, Thailand and transiting the Suez Canal prior to entering the Mediterranean with a range of fascinating ports of call. Flights from London or Manchester are included in the fare. Fares based on Buy one get one free deal start from GBP 3499 pp (Full Fare is GBP 6999) when 2 people share an inside cabin.

Later in 2019, sailing from London on October 9, is a 53-night cruise to Sydney. The voyage also includes BarbadosPanama CanalAcapulco, South Pacific islands, and Auckland. Fares start from GBP 3929 pp based on Buy one get one free offer (Full Fare is GBP 7859).

MS Vasco da Gama joins the German brand Transocean Kreuzfahrten of CMV with a series of voyages during 2019 Summer period sailing from Kiel and Bremerhaven.

CMV cruises from Wales

Starting 2017, CMV offers cruise departures from Wales for the first time in the company's history. The roundtrips are out of Cardiff and Newport to Norwegian Fjords, Iberia (Portugal, Spain), France, River Seine. The ships Marco Polo and Magellan will offer the roundtrip itineraries from Wales also during seasons 2018-2019.

The first voyage started on May 14, 2017 (MS Marco Polo, 10-night Norwegian Fjords from Cardiff). Followed Iberia cruise (Spain and Portugal, May 24, with overnight in Lisbon). Next was the roundtrip from Cardiff to France (Isle of Scilly, River Seine, Rouen, Antwerp, to Hull / with included bus transfer back to Cardiff).

On MS Magellan, cruises from Newport included bus transfer to London-Tilbury (embarkation on Magellan). The first voyage was on May 20 (themed on popular Carry On movies).

CMV's Wales cruise program was 60% sold out 60% within just 2 months after the brochure's launch.

CMV river cruises

Cruise and Maritime Voyages operates 3 chartered riverboats with itineraries on the European rivers Danube and Rhine (not offered since 2017).

CMV's Danube cruise deals offer itineraries that link 10 EU countries and 3 metro cities. Itinerary routes feature unparalleled riverside scenery and major cultural and historical sites and attractions.

  • The 8-day river cruise (themed "Majestic Danube") is a roundtrip Passau itinerary on the chartered ship MS Belvedere. The ship's cabins are sized 175 ft2.
  • Prices start from USD 1900 pp (all-inclusive cruise deals).
  • Deals are inclusive of all beverages (all day, not just wine and beer during lunch and dinner), 4 guided city tours and all onboard gratuities.

The list of visited ports of call on CMV's "Majestic Danube" cruise itinerary includes:

  1. Passau (Germany) - boarding at 3 pm, departure at 5 pm
  2. Melk (Austria) - arrival 8 am, departure 12 pm (tour: Melk Abbey)
  3. Vienna (Austria) - arrival 7 am, overnighth stay, departure 6 pm (tours: Straus-Mozart Concert or Vienna by Night / tour with Wine Tavern Visit, plus Vienna city tour)
  4. Budapest (Hungary) - arrival 11 am, overnight stay, departure 12:30 pm (tours: Budapest city tour / Afternoon, Budapest at Night tour)
  5. Bratislava (Slovakia) - arrival 6:30 am, departure 4 pm (tour: Bratislava city tour / Morning)
  6. Durnstein (Germany) - arrival 3 am, departure 12 pm (tour: City Tour  / Morning)
  7. Passau (Germany) - arrival at 7:30am, disembarkation between 9-10 am

CMV Itineraries 2018

For 2018, CMV offers "Buy One Get One Free" cruise deals on all summer 2018 itineraries. The promotion was on CMV cruises booked before May 31, 2017. Besides the "Buy One Get One Free" CMV deals, the ships Columbus and Magellan offer a total of 150 twin cabins for solo travellers. These staterooms can be booked with 25% supplement on the double occupancy price.

  • The ship Columbus, joining the fleet in June 2017, departs from Tilbury-London throughout 2018.
  • The ship Astoria returns to UK departure ports (9 turnaround ports in total), among which Harwich and Cobh-Cork.
  • CMV's chaepest fares started from GBP 379 pp (double occupancy) for a 6-night "European Cities" themed voyage.
  • To early bookers are issued preview brochures much earlier.
  • The new itinerary program is predominantly with no-fly cruise deals.
  • Among the new itineraries is Marco Polo's White Sea cruise (visiting Murmansk Russia), Astoria's cruise to Scotland (including lochs and glens) and Magellan's Mediterranean roundtrip cruises from UK. Besides Columbus' "World Cruise" (starting January 2018) are also featured Norwegian Fjords, Scandinavia and Russia, British Isles, Iceland, Canaries and Madeira, Amazon and Caribbean, Northern Lights.
  • In 2018, Cruise Maritime offers a choice of 6 multi-generational (as opposed to adults-only) cruises on which passengers can take their kids / grand-kids. Child cruise fares started from GBP 100 pp.

Early booking deals on the Columbus cruise ship offer special prices plus 25% single supplement promotion on booking the ship's 150 single occupancy cabins. Group booking deals provide further additional discounts. The addition of the adults-only Columbus ship will increase the CMV's UK capacity in 2017 by 25%, or with 95,000 passengers.

Cruise Maritime's ship cruises offer a quality product at affordable prices. The CMV cruise line gives travelers the opportunity for a stylish travel cruising vacation from the UK to some of the most beautiful places in the world.

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