ms Noordam deck 10 plan (Observation)

Deck layout and review

Review of ms Noordam deck 10 (Observation)

  • Crow’s Nest (230 seats observation lounge with panoramic windows, dance floor, own bar; activities here are karaoke, dance classes, daily trivia games, bridge playing; becomes disco club at night)
  • Oak Room (26 seats smoking lounge with panoramic view/starboard location)
  • The Loft Lounge is the teens-only club area for 13-17 yo (opening hours 10am-12pm, with breaks between 12-2pm and 6-8pm). It has capacity 32 seats, and offers amenities and supervised activities (by the HAL’s complimentary youth program), such as Video Games Arcade, Internet, computers and PlayStations (console gaming), big TVs, Tennis Tables, teen disco, karaoke, movies, sport contests, themed parties.
  • Club HAL is the kids club lounge with an outdoor play area and 2 separate rooms for children 3-7 yo and 8-12 yo. The lounge offers complimentary youth programming with supervised activities. It is open between 9am-11pm, with some pauses, depending the Noordam ship location (at port or at sea /bookings required).
  • Sliding Dome Cover (retractable glass roof over the Noordam’s Lido Pool area) with solar panels.
  • Observation Deck cruise cabins from VB10001 to VB10026, categories VB (Deluxe Verandah) and K (Large or Standard Interior).