Le Boreal Resumes Sailing After Fire Repairs

By ,   March 11, 2016 ,   Cruise Industry

After an engine room fire in November 2015, Le Boreal is back in service on May 24.

Ponant's 264-passenger yacht has been undergoing repairs at Fincantieri shipyard in Genoa, following a blaze that broke out while the vessel was sailing off the Falklands. Ponant originally hoped its ship would resume sailings from Lisbon on May 9. However, a company statement noted that Le Boreal would sail from Glasgow later in the month.

Ponant has carried out other work on the ship in addition to repairing the fire damage, and given it up some updates. 

"Ponant is taking advantage of this time in the yard to bring Le Boreal up to date with the very latest improvements that benefitted the three sister ships built after her."

The reason for the fire, which resulted in evacuation of all passengers, is still under investigation. No injuries have been reported.