AIDAprima Godmother Revealed

By ,   March 12, 2016 ,   Cruise Industry

The 13-year-old German actress Emma Schweiger was chosen to christen AIDAprima in Hamburg, May 7, AIDA Cruises revealed.

The young lady has appeared in hit movies such as Kokowääh, Head Full of Honey (Honig im Kopf), Rabbit Without Ears 1 and 2.



Felix Eichhorn president, AIDA Cruises, said:

'Emma is perfect for the role of AIDAprima godmother. She is an unparalleled embodiment of the young, fresh, unconventional attitude towards life that the AIDA brand stands for. With her naturalness and zest for life, she is a delight to many people in Germany, regardless of their age.'

Schweiger shared:

'I am so happy to have the chance to be godmother of this super cool ship. I think that no matter your age, everybody should be able to do what they think is most fun especially on vacation - without stress and obligations. And that is exactly what I can do on AIDAprima.'

AIDA Cruises is presenting the new flagship of the line, AIDAprima, under the motto "Experience the christening of the year". The company is the main sponsor of the 827th Hamburg Port Anniversary (May  5-8, 2016) and offers diverse vacation options with numerous activities on the water and on shore.