Celebrity Acquires Ocean Adventures

By ,   March 14, 2016 ,   Cruise Industry

Celebrity Cruises acquired two-ship cruise line Ocean Adventures. The purchase of 16-guest catamaran Athala II and 48-guest ship Eclipse means Celebrity Cruises increases capacity in Galapagos Islands by 65%.

The two vessels join the Celebrity Cruises fleet in spring, pending the deal's closing. Until the January 2017 drydock refurbishment, the ships will offer Ocean Adventures cruising experiences.

All existing Ocean Adventures reservation commitments and bookings remain unchanged, both before and after the dry dock.

President of Ocean Adventures, Ben Dod, said:

“After 16 years of building Ocean Adventures into one of the leading operators in the Galapagos Islands, we are proud to have caught the attention of a world-class cruise company like Celebrity Cruises and proud to be part of their ambitious plans to expand in the region.

“The yacht Eclipse (Celebrity Xperience) and the catamaran Athala II (Celebrity Xploration) are the best vessels in their class and we are delighted that both ships will continue to deliver an unequalled level of service and experience to guests.”