Royal Caribbean Launches Orbiter of the Galaxies spaceship

By ,   April 1, 2016 ,   Cruise Industry

It's not a joke! Royal Caribbean International (RCI) announced it is boldly going where no other cruise company has gone before by featuring the world’s first ever cruise experience to space; with the first trip of its state-of-the-art spaceship, Orbiter of the Galaxies, confirmed for 2030.

Construction of the extraordinary space-cruise ship hybrid is underway. Royal Caribbean unveiled the first images of this cosmic experience to the public.

Orbiter of the Galaxies - CruiseMapper

Taking the most loved features of the current Royal Caribbean fleet and giving them a space age twist, Orbiter of the Galaxies is set to deliver a (literally) out of this world holiday experience.

The cosmic features budding astronauts can expect on-board include 270° panoramic space views through Two70°’s multi-deck, floor-to-ceiling glass walls and a gravity defying iFly space walking simulator experience allowing guests to soar through space for the ultimate thrill seeker experience.

In addition, Royal Caribbean will be adapting its stage shows for Zero G and microgravity conditions, and creating food and drink menus designed to suit space climates.

Royal Caribbean has partnered with the National Space Centre to develop a cutting edge training programme for staff manning the spaceship on its inaugural voyage.

This will ensure guests embarking on this final frontier holiday get the gold standard service Royal Caribbean strives to deliver on all of its ships be they sea or space based.

Tamela Maciel, space communications manager from the National Space Centre commented:

“It’s been a busy time here at the National Space Centre, working with the new build and innovation team on all aspects of space travel – from the physical demands of working in microgravity, all the way through to teaching world class chefs how to prepare tasty food in space.

“We’re delighted to get this amazing project off the ground and prepare for the maiden journey of Orbiter of the Galaxies.”

Details of launch location and itineraries will be confirmed in due course.