2nd MSC cruise ship stretched

By ,   April 1, 2015 ,   Cruise Industry

MSC Sinfonia left drydock on March 27, after being cut in half, stretched and refurbished. The Sinfonia is the second of 4 MSC ships that are being lengthened by 80 feet (24 metres) as part of the line's 'Renaissance Program' for €200 million.

MSC Armonia was the first to go through the process during November last year. A 10-week drydock is planned for MSC Opera in April. The ship will be sailing again in June. The Lirica will go into drydock in August - her return to sea is scheduled for the end of October.

The process of stretching and subsequent refurbishment of the ten-year-old vessels adds 59 crew and 193 passenger cabins as well as new balcony staterooms, public spaces and several facilities for kids.

MSC Sinfonia is the first cruise ship to feature kids’ facilities designed and equipped by LEGO and Chicco. Highlights also include a new outdoor 'Spray Park' water park with interactive slides, jets and water features. 

The ‘Renaissance Program’ is the first step in MSC €5 billion enlargement program which will see 4 mega-ships delivered during the 2017-2022 period.