Hurtigruten Ships to Run on Batteries?

By ,   April 4, 2016 ,   Cruise Industry

Battery-powered ships, an expanded small-vessel fleet and adventurous destinations are on the cards for Hurtigruten line in the near future, according to company's chief executive, as the line sets out to change reputation as a Norwegian specialist.

The rollout, according to Skjeldam, would depend on the speed of technological development, but the company is already working with engineers to create ships that could sail on battery power for between 2 and 4 hours, then switch to algae-based fuels until reaching a port recharging point.

Hurtigruten has invested USD 100 millionin its fleet, with new ship ms Spitsbergen to set sail in May, and 4 of its 90s-class vessels having undergone extensive refurbishment.

Hurtigruten already announced itineraries in eastern Canada and the Amazon starting 2017, and is eyeing Alaska together with other warm-water destinations.