National Geographic Explorer Voyage Cancels Visit to Dartmouth

By ,   April 8, 2016 ,   Accidents

National Geographic Explorer was forced to cancel her stop at Dartmouth, UK (Dart Harbour) next week due to a technical issue as the vessel repositions from Antarctica.


The problems have slowed Explorer's movements, resulting in the ship running a few days behind schedule. A spokesperson for the line said: 

"Our ship, National Geographic Explorer, ran over a drifting fishing net, off the coast of Argentina, which fouled its port propeller. We therefore had to make an unplanned port call in Puerto Madryn so that divers could cut the net off the ship’s propeller.

"However, this delayed the vessel and therefore we had to cancel one of our port calls, which was, unfortunately, Dartmouth. The ship will arrive to shipyard three days later than originally scheduled, which will not affect our on-going schedule as we had built-in cushion."

Cruising from pole to pole each year, mv Explorer is National Geographic’s flagship and spends summers in the Arctic and winters in Antarctica, stopping off at ports of call along her Atlantic route.

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