Haimark Line Cancels Future Cruises

By ,   May 1, 2016 ,   Cruise Industry

According to the US Federal Maritime Commission, passenger vessel operator Haimark Line Ltd., has cancelled all future cruises. Haimark operates a single ship, ms Saint Laurent.

In accordance with the regulations of the Commission, the line maintains an escrow account for refunding applicable deposits and passenger fares for cruises departing from a United States' port in the event that Haimark fails to perform any such voyages. 

ms Saint Laurent

The escrow account doesn't provide reimbursement for air travel payments, shore-side hotel or other expenses that don't constitute water transportation or related services.

The escrow agents automatically process refunds. They send payments to cruisers who paid deposits or fares for sailings on Saint Laurent. However, travelers who have previously obtained a refund from their travel insurance or credit card issuer are not eligible.