Port Metro Vancouver with Environmental Award

By ,   April 7, 2015 ,   Cruise Industry

Port Metro Vancouver was ranked among 2015 Corporate Knights’ Future 40 Responsible Corporate Leaders in Canada. Ranking methodology takes into account twelve key performance indicators that cover management of employees, resources and finances.

President and Chief Executive Officer at Port Metro Vancouver, Robin Silvester, said it was a great honor to receive recognition of their environmental excellence and transparency. Port Metro Vancouver was responding to increasing demand for trade by ensuring growth and port operations were sustainability managed.

2014 was quite a busy year for the Port, and achievements in maintaining a sustainable gateway have been celebrated widely. Port Metro Vancouver was rated for sustainability performance by MarCom, Clean Tech50 and Corporate Knights.

In recent months the Port launched Non-Road Diesel Emissions Program, expected to reduce diesel particulate matter emission in cargo handling equipment. In collaboration with government agencies, non-government organizations, scientific experts and marine industry users, Port Metro Vancouver launched the Enhancing Cetacean Habitat & Observation Program to understand potential impacts to porpoises, dolphins and whales from commercial vessel activities throughout British Columbia’s southern coast. These programs complement teamwork with Metro Vancouver for improving the monitoring of air quality in Burrard Inlet.

Port Metro Vancouver (or Vancouver Fraser Port Authority) is a financially self-sufficient corporation accountable to the federal Minister of Transport. It was established by the Canadian Government in January 2008 and is the principal authority for port-related land and sea use and shipping in the Metro Vancouver region. Port Metro Vancouver is the largest port in Canada and the 4th largest tonnage port in North America.