Samsung Partners with a Cruise Liner for a New 'Smart Ship'

By ,   July 13, 2016 ,   Cruise Industry

Contactless payment is one of the technologies leaving dry land as a cruise ship company revealed plans for “next generation smart ships”.

MSC Cruises unveiled one of its new vessels, MSC Seaview, will be fitted with new technologies specifically designed to improve the onboard experience for passengers.

MSC Seaview


The company entered partnership with techno-giant Samsung in order to support NFC (near-field communication) technology onboard, enabling guests to use a smartphone, cruise card or bracelet to geo-locate themselves or their kids, access their stateroom or make onboard payments.

Interactive screens are placed all around Seaview that will enable cruisers to book excursions and restaurants.

Beacon technology is also to be used, sending location-based, customised notifications to users' phones as they move around. Beacons are triggered whenever a connected device moves into their vicinity. Previously, it has been used by high street tours and will become part of the new Wembley Stadium tour.

The MSC Cruises Seaview ship is due to begin service in June 2018.