Falmouth Cruise Ship Arrivals Reach 1.5 Million by 2021?

By ,   August 1, 2016 ,   Cruise Industry

The Minister of Tourism in Jamaica projects cruise passengers to port Falmouth to reach 1.5 million by 2021.

Minister Edmund Bartlett said in a press release, that Falmouth has Caribbean's largest cruise pier. With Falmouth now hosting just under 1 million cruisers per year, the minister said that expects numbers to grow.

The town’s role in Jamaica's growth program was well defined and that the number of calls on the port would be increased from once or twice per week to 4 days weekly. He added:

“In light of the goals we have set, by 2021 Falmouth is expected to contribute 1.5 million cruise passengers and be earning of USD 180 million from tourism spend in the town. This will entail increasing the average spend by each cruise passenger to US$120, up from the USD 90 now being spent.

“The ministry has committed some USD 1.4 billion through the Tourism Enhancement Fund to transform Falmouth by 2018 and these transformational projects will bring more attractions to the town and enable greater expenditure by the visitors.”