Cruise Worker Threatens Rape

By ,   August 9, 2016 ,   Accidents

Gina Clark from Brandon FL was on a cruise celebrating the bachelorette party of her friend. The 3-day trip was ruined because she said a worker on the Bahamas Paradise Cruise grabbed her and threatened to rape her.

Bahamas Paradise Cruise

"It was awful, so many thoughts were running through my head," she said. 

It started when Clark heard a knock on the door Friday. She opened the door and that's when he grabbed her hand. 

"He kept grabbing and he said, 'I want to rape you.' In my mind, I felt like all the blood left my face."

She says he repeated it three more times.

"At this point I'm getting angry and he said you know when a man forcefully makes a woman have sex and I slammed the door in his face and locked it." 

What's more shocking, when she complained, she says a manager returned with the accused employee. Her friend captured the conversation by cell phone.

Employee: "I called you outside the cabin door and I said I want to rape you, but I promise I was playing."

Clark: "You’re not playing. You said it three times. And then when I said Excuse me? You said oh maybe my English is not so good."

"To my surprise, he sat there and said everything that happened, word for word, admitted it," Clark said. 

As of Monday, no action was taken. So, 10News WTSP called to get answers. Minutes after that call, the executive vice president of the cruise, Glenn Ryerson, called Clark and told her the cruise line fired the employee named Victor and sent him back home to South America.

Ryerson said they "weren't happy" to hear about what happened and it was very inappropriate. He said they gave Clark's group of 10 its money back. 

Alarmingly, rape, assaults and other crimes happen more often on cruises than you think. Entire groups and websites like have been formed just for crimes on cruises:

That's why Clark wanted to get her message out.

"I don't need anything. I'm going to be OK. But, I need to make sure this doesn't happen to other people," she said.

Clark also wanted to file criminal charges, but hit a roadblock with local law enforcement in Palm Beach.

And, the Coast Guard offered to only take a statement. St. Petersburg lawyer Craig Berman, who specializes in maritime law, says it's important to know your rights on a cruise.

"Passengers have rights. They are protected by maritime law, by Florida common law and if they are in any way sexually harassed or subjected to unwanted advances or assaulted, they should contact a lawyer and pursue justice on their behalf," Berman said. 

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