Indonesia Ferry Explosion Kills Two Passengers

By ,   September 15, 2016 ,   Accidents

A number of British travellers have been injured after an explosion on tourist ferry in Indonesia. At least two people have died.

The packed ship has been a short distance from the coast when the blast occurred onboard as it ferried tourists between Bali and the holiday Lombok Island.

One Indonesian person died. There are conflicting reports over the nationality of the other victim, believed to be either German or Dutch, London Evening Standard reported.

Police in Bali said 13 people had been injured, including from the UK, Portugal, Germany, Australia and South Korea.

The cause of the explosion remains unclear but investigators dismissed suggestions it was a bomb. Early reports suggest the boat's fuel tank may have exploded.

Police chief Sugeng Sudarso told the AFP News Agency:

“The explosion happened five minutes after the boat departed. One female passenger died from head injuries.

“Based on a passenger testimony and from what I saw on the scene, the explosion came from the fuel tank.

“Above it was a battery, maybe there was a short circuit that affected the fuel tank.”