Passenger Medevaced from Mein Schiff 1: VIDEO

By ,   September 22, 2016 ,   Accidents

The Portuguese Air Force has rescued a passenger from Mein Schiff 1 on Tuesday, September 20, about 100 km northwest of Montijo. According to the official site of Estado Maior da Força Aérea (EMFA), the traveler, an 80 years old German lady, needed urgent medical attention.

The 751 Squadron at Montija Air Base (35 kilometers from Lisbon) was alerted at 9:00 P.M. After the rescue, the passenger was transported to Transit Aerodrome 1 in Figo Maduro, who transferred her to St.Joseph's Hospital, Lisbon.

The medevac lasted around 5 hours. This year, EMFA states it has rescued 20 people on vessels and conducted 98 hours of flight time under that type of mission. 

Portugal has no equivalent of a Coast Guard like the United States. Instead, the country features a special unit for emergency evacuation cases in its Air Force.