Passenger Medevaced from Mein Schiff

By ,   October 24, 2016 ,   Accidents

A 55 year-old German cruise passenger was airlifted from TUI cruise ship Mein Schiff on Wednesday, October 19, in Greece.

According to the press release the German national who was traveling on the cruise ship near Samos and Ikaria, had cardiac problems.

Ship’s Captain notified Greek authorities about the medical emergency. The Coast Guard reacted swiftly by sending Super Puma helicopter in order to transport the passenger to the hospital.

The patient was transferred to the Cardiology Hospital in Samos, and is in stable condition.

Greek Coast Guard statement regarding this successful operation says:

" In the evening Wednesday, October 19, 2016, helicopter Super Puma Air Force medevacked of the cruise ship '' MEIN SCHIFF '', sailing six nautical miles south of the island of Ikaria, 55 year-old patient, of German nationality. The helicopter crew transported the patient to the airport '' Aristarchus' Samos, from where he was transferred by ambulance in Hospital ".

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