Fathom Celebrates Collective Impact in Dominican Republic

By ,   October 29, 2016 ,   Cruise Industry

The pioneer in social impact travel, Fathom, which is Carnival Corporation's 10th and newest brand, highlighted the collective and meaningful impact made during its first 13 cruises to the Dominican Republic. Travelers have dedicated thousands of impact days to help areas of economic, educational and environmental opportunity to flourish in Dominican communities. From planting more than 16,000 seedlings to producing 730 clay water-filters, travelers have become part of something bigger and unleashed their own potential in fun, creative, engaging and surprising ways.

During sailings to the Puerto Plata region on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic, mindful travelers playfully engaged and participated alongside partners to learn, understand and address the various opportunities for local families. To date, Fathom travelers and local Dominicans have collectively:

  • Student English Conversation & Learning / Community English Conversation & Learning:

Fathom travelers provided approximately 17,500 hours of English interaction to individual adult and youth students, better preparing youth and adults for future employability and increased economic opportunity.

  • Water Filter Production:

Fathom travelers produced and installed 730 water filters in community homes, positively impacting the health and wellbeing of thousands of local Dominicans.

The estimated 3,650 Dominican recipients of these filters will experience a reduction in instances of waterborne illnesses, as well as cost savings from not having to purchase expensive bottled water. Indirect benefits could include better work and school attendance.

  • Reforestation & Nursery:

Fathom travelers planted more than 16,000 seedlings and plants, offsetting the environmental impact of travelers coming to the region.

Over time, Fathom's reforestation and nursery efforts will contribute to more nutrient-rich soil, helping to reduce soil loss, improve air and water quality, increase localized biodiversity and potentially producing higher agricultural yields for citizens.

  • Concrete Floors in Community Homes:

Installed concrete floors in 40 homes, improving the living environments for hundreds of local Dominicans.

Concrete floors provide a safer and cleaner living environment for residents while reducing the health risks associated with dirt floors.

  • Cacao and Women's Chocolate Cooperative:

Fathom travelers cleaned 3,700 pounds of cacao nibs, which translates to more than 109,000 finished chocolate bars; they also have wrapped, packaged and prepared for sale more than 57,400 products.

In a region with limited employment income, Fathom and its travelers are helping this small woman-owned business grow and thrive, which is contributing to the overall well-being of its employees and their families as well as other cooperatives.

  • Recycled Paper and Crafts Entrepreneurship:

Fathom travelers produced more than 9,800 sheets of paper.

By helping entrepreneurs expand both their production and sales, Fathom travelers are creating critical income opportunities and financial independence for women workers.

  • Fathom's Focus on Shared Value and Long-Term Transformation

What sets Fathom apart is its shared-value partnership approach to creating significant, lasting and sustainable social impact within communities, while at the same time within the lives of its travelers. Additionally, Fathom's human impact journeys embrace fun and playfully engaging opportunities to develop human connections with like-minded travelers onboard and become a part of a global community that acts together for common good.

  • Creating a Lasting Impact 

The average household income in the Dominican is about USD 6,000 a year and more than 3 million people don't have access to piped water. However, the country has a strong infrastructure for impact including proven community development organizations with deep roots in the country.

Fathom worked closely with 2 of these organizations, along with various other stakeholder groups throughout the country – Entrena and the Instituto Dominicano de Desarrollo Integral, Inc. (IDDI) – to identify the areas of most need and undertake a range of projects focused on education, environment and economic development to provide meaningful, long-term and sustainable impact. Depending on travelers' interests, passions and desires, they venture off into intimate communities for up to three days to participate in social impact activities they care about, unleashing their potential and instantly developing friendships and partnerships.

Prices for the 7-day cruises to Dominican Republic start at USD 300 per person, excluding Gov taxes, fees and port expenses and including all meals on the ship, onboard social impact immersion experiences, 3 ashore social impact activities and related supplies. Prices vary by season. A fully refundable USD 300 per person deposit is required for all cabin categories and occupancy levels. Final payment is due 90 days prior departure.