New Ships Coming For Celestyal Cruises?

By ,   November 8, 2016 ,   Cruise Industry

From a sudy which Knud E Hansen did of mid-size cruise vessels powered by LNG versus HFO come a couple of illustrations that might be protoypes for Celestyal Cruises. A couple of months ago the line admitted they were investigating newbuildings. 

Danish naval architects Knud E Hansen produced a design for mid-sized cruise ship, obviously for Greek operators for cruising in the Mediterranean. The designers have also made a comparison between a Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) version, including scrubbers and catalytic reduction to reduce SOx and NOx emissions and a clean variant fueled by Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).

According to the comparison, operating expenses for the LNG version were lower, including fuel consumption, when the HFO version’s scrubber is included in the calculation.

The LNG version also prompted Hansen to explore more innovative solutions in terms of engine room lay-out and consequently funnel location. Such solutions, however, are not unique to the LNG fueled vessel and similar arrangements are now feasible for any diesel-electric configuration with only limited impact on construction costs.

The illustrations showing the differences could well be based on a prototype of two new ships that Celesytal Cruises is asid to be planning to join its fleet by about 2021.

Such vessels, according to Celestyal ceo Kyriakos Anastassiadis in a September interview, would be no larger than 60,000 tons and carry no more than 1,800 passengers each.

These ships would be specially designed for 3- or 4-day itineraries, and all outside cabins would have balconies.