Carnival Sells Mobile Voyages Well Past Contract Date

By ,   December 5, 2016 ,   Cruise Industry

Carnival announced they were allowing travel agents to book sailings out of Mobile into April 2019.

“We’ve had some pre-interest in booking for further in advance than what we were capable of doing,” says Steve Cape with Cape Travel.

Carnival just got back in town last month, signing a 13-month contract with the city. The fact that every cruise is booked is a good sign.

“The two ways to get the best rate on a cruise is when you book way in advance and possibly booking at the last minute,” says Cape.

Cape says the benefit of booking a cruise so far in advance increases the likelihood of you cruising on an upgraded ship. Carnival just released a brand new ship into its fleet which could have a domino effect on which ship comes here to Mobile.

“I think the fantasy is probably going to be one of the first in line to be transferred out of the Carnival fleet. And you’ll have gotten in on a price for the Fantasy and I think you’ll get a higher class ship.”

The city of Mobile is excited too. In a statement, they say:

“We are encouraged by the strong response from consumers…and are optimistic that an agreement will be signed in the near future.” says Cape.

Cape believes Carnival will at least sign on for another year, but keep in mind, Carnival reserves the right to make changes to those cruises at any time.