Fred Olsen Makes It Easier to Enjoy UK ‘Taster Cruises’ 2017

By ,   December 15, 2016 ,   Cruise Industry

Guests wishing to book a one-night UK ‘Taster Cruise’ with Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines in 2017 can do so without having to take out Cruise Travel Insurance policy, which makes it even easier to experience a Fred Olsen cruise for the first time.

Throughout its 2017-2018 cruise season, Fred Olsen is offering a selection of short UK ‘Taster Cruises’, which allow passengers to come onboard its cruise ships for one night to enjoy a ‘snapshot’ of the facilities and fun of a cruise holiday, experiencing a sumptuous five-course dinner, excellent entertainment and stylish accommodation.

Fred Olsen cruises

Neil Herbert, Head of Sales for Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, said:

“At Fred. Olsen, we are always looking to attract new-to-cruise customers and to make the cruising experience as easy and straightforward as possible. Our range of one-night ‘Taster Cruises’ in 2017 offers the perfect opportunity for potential cruisers to sample our product, without committing too much time or money. And, with the news that travel insurance is no longer required on these sailings, we hope to attract even more first-timers to try out our friendly and relaxed cruise holidays.”

In addition, to remove a further ‘barrier’ for Fred. Olsen guests wishing to enjoy a one-night UK ‘Taster Cruise’ in 2017, but who do not hold a current passport, this range of short sailings will not require them to hold a valid passport. Instead, they can choose to use the following forms of photographic identification at Check-in, in full compliance with the requirements of the International Ship and Port Facility Security (‘ISPS’) Code: expired passport (must have expired within the last two years only), EU national identity card, Driving licence, Council-issued travel card, Firearms licence, Citizen Card, VALIDATE UK Card.

Setting sail from one UK port and arriving in another, Fred. Olsen’s one-night UK ‘Taster Cruises’ in 2017 allow guests to experience a short getaway at sea and help them to make sure that cruising is the right holiday choice for them.

Source: media.Fred Olsen Cruise Line