Search Launched For New Cruise Terminal in Liverpool

By ,   December 21, 2016 ,   Cruise Industry

An international search was launched to find a technical team to help in designing a potential new cruise terminal on River Mersey. Liverpool Council is looking for expert guidance on the design and development of plans for the new complex, that would be set for former Princes Jetty off Princes Parade.

The search is part of a proposal to create a new terminal capable of handling turnaround cruise ships holding up to 3,600 passengers. Any new terminal is expected to be located about 1,000 feet downriver from the current 2007 Pier Head base.

The building is expected to consist of two storeys and be developed on land reclaimed from the River Mersey. Construction of a new quay wall and changes on Princes Parade to allow coaches are planned, as well as a new passenger and baggage terminal, passport control, vehicle pick up point and a car park.

An Europe-wide notice has been placed inviting tenders for a technical team. The job would include the task of managing the facility’s delivery and construction, if the plan is approved, with a deadline for submissions by Monday, January 23, 2017.