Man Held Prisoner On Cruise Ship After Threat to Jump Overboard

By ,   December 25, 2016 ,   Accidents

The Christmas trip of a Victorian man turned into hell. The man, on a Fiji cruise with his partner, is being held prisoner in a small room with no fresh air, natural light or ­facilities.

It is understood the man has been told he will not be released for at least 3 days, but could stay locked up until December 29.

His partner has told the Herald Sun she has pleaded with cruise staff to let her see him but they have refused. The woman has tried to contact the Australian Embassy.

“He has been locked in a small room at the bottom of the ship for 3 nights now,” she said. “He is not allowed out for daily exercise.

“Security even refused to allow me to take a book. They are refusing to release him, despite the fact he has not committed any offence.”

The woman, a mental health professional, said on the 2nd night of the cruise her partner had consumed three alcoholic drinks, which reacted badly with new medication.

“In anger, he made a verbal threat to jump overboard. He had no intention to do so, however I asked security for help because I was scared he could be impulsive,” she said.

“It was reasonable to keep him in the brig overnight until his mental state was stable. Since that night there have been no further issues but they are refusing to release him.

“This is inhumane and a serious breach of human rights.”

The woman said cruise officials told her that her partner can either remain locked up until the ship arrives in Sydney on December 29, or disembark at Port Denarau.

A Carnival Cruise Line spokesman said for reasons of passenger privacy and confidentiality the company could not comment on individual passengers.