Woman Medevaced From Cruise Ship Gets Long-Awaited Kidney Transplant

By ,   January 9, 2017 ,   Accidents

After waiting 6 years for a kidney transplant, a woman was not going to let a vacation stop her from having lifesaving operation.

The Sydney citizen Kathie John was winched from cruise ship into helicopter and flown to Westmead Hospital after she got the call to say that there was a kidney for her. She underwent surgery within hours.

Having all but given up hope of a transplant after years of being hooked to a dialysis machine three times a week, Ms John was two days into an eight-day cruise aboard the Emerald Princess and heading to Tasmania when she received the call to say there was a donor kidney available and her name was next on the list.

Patients have 20 minutes to respond before transplant co-ordinators contact the next person on the waiting list.

Ms John jumped at the offer. As astonished cruise ship crew members and her mother looked on, she was winched from the top deck of the ship into a helicopter which had scrambled from Victoria, and rushed to Westmead earlier this week.