Cruise Sector Lost Millions To Heavy Winds

By ,   January 14, 2017 ,   Cruise Industry

The strong winds sweeping Jamaica's sections since last weekend took a heavy toll on local economy, as a potential revenue of an estimated J$21 million was lost because ms Oosterdam was not able to dock at Falmouth Pier in Trelawny. The figure doesn't include the Gov taxes.

Mark Hylton, who manages the Falmouth Cruise Ship Terminal on behalf of the Port Authority of Jamaica, said that on each voyage to the Trelawny-based pier, the Oosterdam carries some 1,800 passengers.

"With the ship not docking, a number of stakeholders have been affected negatively - craft traders and traders in general, transport operators, and people who operate businesses on the pier," said Hylton.

Despite the disappointment, Hylton said all was not lost, because larger ships could navigate the rough seas. They will be able to dock even if the winds remain high in the upcoming days.

Regarding the transport operators who had bought tickets to enter the pier on Monday, provision would be made for them to use the tickets.

The current heavy winds generally affect smaller vessels and occur annually between late December and February. On average, the bad weather generally spans less than 9 days.