Thomson Cruises facing legal action from 'sick' passengers

By ,   May 8, 2015 ,   Cruise Industry

Holiday giant Thomson Cruises could be sued by almost 100 vacationers who claim they suffered severe sickness and diarrhoea on Island Escape. Legal action has been lodged by passengers travelling on various trips over a 9-month period on board the Mediterranean cruise ship in 2013, including a honeymoon couple, a couple marking their 10th anniversary and a man celebrating his 60th birthday.

Guests complained of suffering "severe gastric illness symptoms after being served reheated and undercooked food".

Amandeep Dhillon, partner at Irwin Mitchell which represents the group, said that the large number of people who had instructed them to investigate the complaints about that cruise ship was very worrying. He added that some of those passengers had suffered from severe gastric illness while on board when they should have been enjoying themselves.

The legal firm announced that cruisers "reported reheated food being served in the restaurant as well as undercooked food being served on occasions, with their complaints echoing those made by victims of illness on board the Island Escape in previous years".

The solicitors who represent the group of angry travelers said it was the 4th time in 6 years it had pursued complaints about Island Escape. The liner offers luxury sailings across the Mediterranean, stopping at destinations including Barcelona, Rome and Palma de Mallorca

On its website Thomson describes the ship as "the most laidback ship in the fleet, taking a more informal approach to life at sea".

A spokesman for Thomson said they were sorry to hear of those customers' experience on board their Island Escape ship in 2013 and added that the ultimate priority for Island Cruises was the health, safety and comfort of all their customers, so the line operated stringent health and hygiene procedures. Island Cruises had taken over 35,000 guests on holiday in 2013, the vast majority of which had no complaints about the cruise. 

As the case was already subject to legal proceedings Thomson said it would be inappropriate for them to comment further.