Seven Cruise Passengers Detained After Disembarking at Port Canaveral

By ,   January 31, 2017 ,   Cruise Industry

Customs agents detained 7 passengers, mostly Syrian nationals, after disembarking a Royal Caribbean cruise at Port Canaveral on January 29 (Sunday morning), according to a volunteer attorney with American Civil Liberties Union.

Customs agents escorted the seven individuals into a room where they were held for 6 ½ hours before being released, the attorney said.

Port Canaveral

One of those detained was a Jewish refugee from Syria who has resided in the country for 20 years and her three children, who are U.S. citizens, the attorney said.

A spokesman for U.S. Customs was not immediately available for comment.

A spokeswoman for Royal Caribbean was not immediately available for comment as to whether it has issued travel notices to those who have booked cruises.