Port of Livorno Expects 700,000 Passengers 2017

By ,   February 7, 2017 ,   Cruise Industry

The port of Livorno announced that in 2017 it was expecting a total of 349 visits and 700,000 passengers including 6 new ships and 3 ships in partial turnaround: AIDAperla (17 calls), Silver Muse (5 calls), Seabourn Encore (5 calls), Majestic Princess (4 calls), Viking Sky (2 calls), Norwegian Joy (1 call), MSC Armonia (17 partial turnarounds), Arethusa (16 partial turnarounds), Hebridean Sky (1 partial turnaround).

Figures for 2016 show 404 cruise calls bringing in 810,000 passengers, about 16% more than 2015. For 2017 season it is expected a 10% drop in number of calls and in passenger numbers with respect to 2016

A popular shore excursion from the port of Livorno is the tour of Bolgheri and the Wine Road, located 40 minutes from port. The famous Viale dei Cipressi leads the visitor to the village of Bolgheri, celebrated in a poem by famous Italian poet Carducci. After visiting the craft shops and wine bars, visitors travel to the vineyards where they have the chance to taste local delicacies such as Olive Oil, honey, bread and cheeses.

To promote the potential of the Livorno territory, as an alternative to the classic Tuscany tour, Porto 2000 presented, at Seatrade Cruise Med in Tenerife, a new marketing project called ‘Why Livorno’, which will be launched at Seatrade Cruise Global in Fort Lauderdale next month.

The three-year plan, approved at the end of 2013, has expanded the passenger port, including the whole Alto Fondale and Calata Orlando piers, providing three more dedicated cruise berths for ships over 300mtr in length; this expansion, which involves a huge investment, is subject to the completion of the infrastructure to relocate the commercial berths, so cargo and passenger traffic are separated.

The first step of the project will be completed by 2017 and within five or six years all should be completed, but the commercial piers will still be used for cruise in the meantime.