Cruise Ship Cancels Planned Stop Amid High Winds

By ,   February 8, 2017 ,   Accidents

Silver Whisper bound for Burnie today cancelled a planned visit due to easterly winds. 

The Silversea cruise ship, which is on a 116-day world voyage from San Francisco to Monte Carlo, was coming from Sydney and was making a stop off at Burnie before heading to Melbourne

A Burnie City Council spokesman said the ship attempted to get into port at Burnie early today but was forced to turn around due to easterly winds. 

The North-West Coast was under a strong wind warning with winds blowing at 35 to 50 km/h.  

Silver Whisper

Silver Whisper is the 2nd cruise ship of the season to not dock as scheduled as Norwegian Star was forced to cancel its scheduled visit on February 9 due to mechanical issues.

Burnie City Mayor Anita Dow said it was “unfortunate” the ship had to cancel.

Small business owners lamented the cancellation of the ships on social media. Geoff Deer from Gunns Plains Caves said visitors lost from ships would “leave a big hole” in their income.

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