Carnival and Wartsila have partnered for optimization of engine room operations

By ,   May 11, 2015 ,   Cruise Industry

Wartsila and Carnival Corp. have partnered to optimize engine room operations aboard the fleet of 101 Carnival ships across 9 global brands.

Micky Arison, Chairman of the Board of Carnival Corporation & plc and Björn Rosengren, President and CEO of Wartsila Corporation, announced they were pleased about deepening their cooperation to support environmentally friendly and sustainable cruises.

According to Wartsila, the partnership would see its solutions tested on several of Carnival vessels in pilot projects. The systems and technologies to be installed include engine control, monitoring systems, safety and fuel efficiency packages. 

The Asset Performance Optimization Solution of Wartsila, also planned for installing, guides users in order to obtain optimal performance from Wartsila engines. It also recommends how to deal with potential issues. The Asset Performance Optimization Solution aims to maximize ship performance and ensure the operating of the systems at full capabilities, as well as increasing predictability of fuel management and maintenance needs. The fuel engine package is specifically designed to help reducing fuel consumption.

While the aim of the service is to optimize performance, it also locates deviations from normal parameters of operation of the equipment and engines. Emerging operational problems and engine fault sources can be fixed before they occur.

Bill Burke, Carnival Chief Maritime Officer, said that since last summer, teams from Wartsila and Carnival Corporation had met regularly to ensure that each of those solutions added value to the company's fleet. Ultimately, their goal was to continuously improve operations in order to accomplish the number-one priority - "providing safe and comfortable voyages for our guests, along with a great vacation experience".