Cruise Industry Exceedes $100 Million in Atlantic Canada

By ,   May 8, 2017 ,   Cruise Industry

ACCA (Atlantic Canada Cruise Association) reported that direct spending by cruise industry in Atlantic Canada last year totalled USD 102 million. The details come from a recent study titled, “The Economic Contribution of the International Cruise Industry in Canada 2016.”

The report details the economic impact of cruise industry in Canada for 2016 and shows that Atlantic Canada is a premier cruise destination with unique port destinations that offer the thrill of discovery, the tranquility of nature and welcoming people.

Atlantic Canada is a popular destination among cruise lines and travelers, and that interest continues to grow. With the 2017 season already underway, ACCA is forecasting a record number of 750,000 cruise passengers expected to visit the region. These are impressive gains for the industry considering passenger visits in 2016 totalled 574,495, a 30% growth year over year.

With direct spending in 2016 reaching USD 102 million, it is important to note that when adding the indirect spending numbers, the cruise industry in 2016 provided a total contribution of USD 233 million to the economy of Atlantic Canada. In terms of employment, the number of jobs generated by the industry is estimated at 1,400, paying USD 61 million in wages and salaries.

ACCA is a partnership between ports, tourism and cruise ship interests in each of the four Atlantic Provinces, the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, and Parks Canada. The mission of the Association is to lead growth to enhance Atlantic Canada as a cruise destination through strategic marketing. ACCA actively promotes Atlantic Canada as a premiere spring, summer and fall cruise travel destination.