QE2 ship "left to rot" in Dubai

By ,   May 30, 2015 ,   Cruise Industry

A campaign group claimed that the iconic liner Queen Elizabeth 2 had been "left to rot",  after in 2008 she had left the UK for her new home at Port Rashid, Dubai (UAE).

Campaigner Stephen Robinson feared the ship would end up being scrapped. He highlighted the plight of QE2 in Liverpool May 25, when crowds gathered to see the Three Queens of Cunard in the River Mersey.

According to Liverpool Echo, the plans to turn QE2 ship into a floating hotel had crashed and there were rumours the liner could be sold for scrap.

According to Mr Robinson, the vessel was still largely intact but was in a sorry state, covered in dust and dirt inside and out, with very much uncertain future. He added that unless something was done soon, she would end up being scrapped - "a terrible waste of such an iconic ship".

In November 2014, new images emerged of the ship "rotting away" in Dubai's Port Rashid. According to Arabian Business news agency, its fans had sent photos of staff members barbequing a pig on the outside deck of Queen Elizabeth 2.