Fire on Princess cruise ship

By ,   May 31, 2015 ,   Accidents

A fire broke out on Crown Princess Thursday night (May 28) in the back stage of the theater during a performance. The ship was on a 7-day Alaska cruise round-trip from Seattle. The fire was quickly extinguished, no injury was reported

It started in a store room behind Princess theater and all guests in the hall had to be evacuated. Passengers on board were asked to return to staterooms. The reason for the fire was a smoke-generating machine left on, which had overheated.

At present the crew are investigating why the machine caught fire. They had to put on breathing apparatus, though it turned out to be nothing but a lot of smoke was caused at the time. 

During the incident ship's Captain made several announcements to keep guests informed of the situation.

It has been nine years since the fire on Star Princess which burned through 1,000 cabins, injured a dozen cruisers and killed one.