The Queen Mary to host July 4 celebration

By ,   June 6, 2015 ,   Cruise Industry

The RMS Queen Mary ship hotel will play host to a party celebrating the Fourth of July - 100 years of American spirit and tradition.

The Fourth of July is between the biggest celebrations in the U.S. each year. A statement from The Queen Mary says, the all-ages parties on board will feature music, entertainment, activities and fun, capped off by the ones on deck getting a front-row look at the massive fireworks display.

The director of Queen Mary’s entertainment events, Steve Sheldon, shared the Queen Mary was the only place in Southern California "to truly celebrate one hundred years of Americana showcasing the best fireworks show in town”.

The Queen Mary will really take spectators through the living history of the last 100 years. Dancers, actors and other performers have been hired to dress and act as if they were in different decades throughout the vessel.

The early portion of the century is represented by a legitimate traveling circus, the 1920s can be adorned with Gatsby Garden Party, the prohibition period will be represented in speakeasy style bars, the 40s are found at WWII representations and will feature Pete Jacobs Wartime Revue.

The ship’s festivities also feature Nifty Fifty Drive-In Diner which represents the 50s, performances by Disco Kings and Motor City Magic representing the 60s-70s, full-blown arcade for the 80s and a combination of a country music tailgate and laser tag rave for the 90s.

With a hundred years of history coming to life aboard the retired Queen Mary for the Fourth of July, there are few spots in Southern California to make for a better holiday.

The Queen Mary ship was officially retired in 1967. She left Southampton on October 31 and sailed to Long Beach, California, where she remained permanently moored. RMS Queen Mary is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.