Jewelry Bought During Cruise Assessed for Fraction of Cost

By ,   August 5, 2017 ,   Cruise Industry

A couple that spent over US$10,000 on jewelry during a recent cruise vacation returned home to learn it might be worth a fraction of that.

When the Royal Caribbean guests Ellen Jones and Clyde Baker stopped in Belize City, the line recommended they shopped at Diamonds International and a tanzanite ring of over two-and-a-half carats impressed Jones.

Baker agreed to pay US$2,800 for the ring. Both lost spouses of over 40 years. They met via hospice and ever since have been a couple.

The salesperson showed a matching necklace and bracelet. They were offered 2 years of no interest in case they opened a credit card with Diamonds International.

Baker spent a total of US$12,000. The company guaranteed the value of the jewelry would only appreciate. When the couple returned back home, they had their jewelry appraised, and the 3 pieces totalled $3,000.

Baker went back and forth with the company of Diamonds International as he hoped to get his money back. The couple wished to keep the ring since it had its sentimental value.

Diamonds International agreed to let Baker return the necklace and bracelet. They said their goal was to ensure 100% customer satisfaction, which in the case was to provide Mr.Baker with a refund.

Baker received a US$10,070 refund.

According to Diamonds International, tanzanite was hard to appraise and they stood by the value of the jewelry.