The Government of Belize Signs Investment Agreement for Cruise Docking Facility

By ,   August 28, 2017 ,   Cruise Industry

The Government of Belize has signed an Investment Agreement on Friday, August 25, with Stake Bank Enterprise Ltd (the “Developer”) to build a world class Cruise Ship Docking Facility that is equipped with resort and theme park on Stake Bank Caye, situated 4 nautical miles southeast of the city of Belize.

Belize city port

Stake Bank Cruise Ship Docking Facility, led by Feinstein Group of companies, has proposes to build a cruise docking facility accommodating 4 Voyager class cruise ships, inclusive of 60-slip marina, 80-room supporting amenities, as well as a theme park with roller coaster, aquaria and water rides.

The project's total estimated investment size is cited to be US$62.5 million. At least 500 Belizeans will be employed and long-term socioeconomic benefits to Belize will be provided.

On behalf of the Belize Government the Investment Agreement was signed by Attorney General, Michael Peyrefitte. On behalf of Stake Bank Enterprise Ltd it was signed by Michael Feinstein.