Cruise Lines Prepare to Avoid Caribbean Ports Ravaged by Irma

By ,   September 11, 2017 ,   Accidents

Cruise lines plan to steer their vessels away from major ports in the Caribbean after Hurricane Irma ripped through the isles, dealing an economic blow to the region that was ravaged by the storm.

Communities in the Caribbean depend on the daily arrival of cruise ships packed with thousands of vacationers from all over the world, especially during winter season.

As cruise ships prepare to set sail in October, P&O Cruises confirmed they were reviewing the destinations their fleet would call at.

P&O Cruises Adonia

Costing GBP 3500 per person, on October 14 P&O Adonia will set sail on a 34-night voyage around the tropical region. It is due to visit the French-Dutch island Saint Martin and Tortola, both heavily battered by the hurricane.

As well as the ports, Irma left homes, airports, power stations, gas stations, and stores in shambles.

Currently the deathtoll in the Caribbean stands at 25. Sadly, it is expected to increase as rescue efforts continue.