More Cruise Ships Expected in Antigua

By ,   September 17, 2017 ,   Cruise Industry

Antigua’s tourism minister predicts a rise in cruise ship arrivals at port of St. Johns due to lots of re-routed vessels.

Minister of Tourism, Economic Development, Investment and Energy, Asot Michael, said Antigua had confirmed a total of 25 new visits for the upcoming tourist season. The development comes a week after the intended port of call for the ships, Saint Maarten, was ravaged by Hurricane Irma.

St Johns port Antigua

Carnival Cruise Line is scheduled to dock in St. Johns harbour every Friday for the remainder of season and the ministry “needs to make sure they handle this well.”

According to the Minister, last week the twin-island was represented at Seatrade Europe, but his attendance was ruined by the “havoc Irma left”, interrupting flights to and from the isle.

The Norwegian and Royal Caribbean liners were rerouted to Antigua for September-December season.

The tourism minister welcomed  Capt. Candelero Donato of Carnival Fascination as the first ship to make contact with the destination and offer assistance.

The captain said they would return next week and bring supplies to help with Barbuda's rebuilding.

Carnival Fascination docked in Antigua on Friday, September 15, with more than 1700 cruisers and 800 crew.

Meanwhile, the popular board walk at Heritage Quay is still damaged. However, the authorities listed it as priority.