Russian Far East in a competition with Alaskan ports

By ,   July 8, 2015 ,   Cruise Industry

New port infrastructure to be created soon in the Russian Far East will largely help deployment in the region. Alaskan cruise market will get a variety of longer itineraries as soon as Kamchatka Peninsula in Russian Far East finishes construction of a new pier for mega-ships.

According to Oleg Safonov, head of the Federal Agency for Tourism in Russia (Rosturizm), that would let the Russian region compete for port calls on long routes.

Safonov shared that in 2014 Kamchatka had been visited by 50,000 tourists, 14,000 of which - foreigners, and Alaska was getting 2 million. He added their goal was to boost tourism; part of that was attracting cruise ships.

The new pier is planned to be completed later in 2015, while at the same time, Rosturizm officials are planning to start a dialogue with Alaska-operating major lines.

It will be a record year for the cruise business in the Russian Far East, with 20,000 cruisers visiting 26 ports of call.