Ponant to add international touch in 2015

By ,   July 13, 2015 ,   Cruise Industry

Ponant's fastest-growing markets are Australia, France and the U.S., according to company's executive vice president of sales, Herve Bellaiche. Ponant has recently seen an indicative expansion in the United States' market with the acquisition of assets from Travel Dynamics company. The office in Miami has grown from a few workers to a staff of 30 with an address in Manhattan.

An Australian office that opened in late 2013 has also started to pay dividends, but France remains number one market for Ponant with loads of penetration potential.

Le Lyrial, the fourth new vessel delivered to Ponant on 11 April 2015 (built by Fincantieri in Ancona, Italy), marks more luxury expedition cruise experience. The French line may also become the best financed of all small luxury lines with ideally sized 5-star expedition vessels occupying a little-competition niche. 

Bellaiche also shared that in the past their enrichment had been mainly French-orientated, but currently they were orientating it towards a more international clientele.

Included in the price are already all beverages, which is moving the product of Ponant to a more all-inclusive cruise experience.

The line is going to offer more and more expedition voyages, with double Northwest Passage cruises scheduled for 2015. Antarctica is following with three of the four new ships positioned there for the entire winter season.

2016 will see the first call of Ponant in New York and provide an opportunity to impress the U.S. market after a brief visit last year.

Bellaiche continued that their deployment had been "more of an evolution” and they considered themselves different from other luxury lines, not seeing a clear competitor

Every cruise of Ponant is currently bookable through April 2017.