Help naming the Robot Bartenders on Anthem of the Seas!

By ,   July 30, 2015 ,   Cruise Industry

Vicki Freed, Royal Caribbean’s senior vice president of sales, has asked travel agents for help to name the bionic bartenders on Anthem of the Seas. Submissions are flowing in, some downright hilarious.

Vicki launched on her Facebook page the contest “Name That Robot”. She is offering a free stateroom on the 2-night sailing November 8, after the Anthem arrives at Cape Liberty port in Bayonne, N.J. “Name That Robot” is open through August 3 and the winner will be announced the week of August 10. Royal Caribbean’s bionic bartenders made a debut on Quantum of the Seas. Now they are found also on Anthem of the Seas.

The naming contest provoked nearly 500 comments and suggestions during the first day. Several came up with names such as “R2-drink-u” drawn from the “Star Wars” theme. Others reached back to old TV shows and suggested “Rosie” like “The Jetsons” maid, Jamie Sommers of “The Bionic Woman" and Steve Austin of “The Six Million Dollar Man”.

One thought that the name of the robot bartenders should be a tribute to the first woman fitted with bionic arm technology, Claudia Mitchell.

A variety of versions of bartender terms were suggested, like “Olive and Twist” and “Shaken and Stirred”. There were also more than one patriotic entries, with one poster saying that since the name of the ship was Anthem he would go with ‘Star’ and ‘Spangled”. Other fans suggested human names like Bob and Bart, no explanation why.

However, many kept with the RCI theme, such as calling one Royal and the other Loyal after Freed’s vow to travel agents to be “Loyal to You Always”. Other suggestions included "Roy" and "Al", equalin "Royal".

A little flattery would never hurt, so one even suggested naming the robot bartender Vicki Freed, because, as he wrote "you’re RCCL’s bionic woman!”.