Carnival's $2.5 million donation to help preserve oceans

By ,   July 31, 2015 ,   Cruise Industry

Carnival Corporation announced that in its 1st year of supporting Nature Conservancy through Carnival Foundation it had helped the conservation organization in some of its preservation activities, including: building new Caribbean coral nurseries; transplanting 20,000 corals in U.S. Virgin Islands and Bahamas; and installing pilot reef enhancement structure to provide bigger habitat for fish as well as a potential area for coral growth in Grenville Bay, Grenada.

The achievements became reality through the $2.5 million gift of the foundation, over a 5-year period beginning in 2014.

According to the global managing director for Nature Conservancy's Ocean Program, Maria Damanaki, the support of Carnival Foundation would help nearly triple protection of the iconic coasts and waters of the region by conserving 21 million acres of the important areas. Damanaki added that through the Mapping Ocean Wealth project of Nature Conservancy, Carnival Foundation would also provide the necessary knowledge to protect waters and transform their management for generations to come.

Chief communications officer for Carnival, also overseeing Carnival Foundation, Roger Frizzell, shared that as the largest cruise company in the world, they had a deep commitment to sustaining the environment. Nature Conservancy leveraged Carnival's support during the last 12 months in order to continue the mission of maintaining healthy oceans.

The support of Carnival Foundation has also helped Nature Conservancy in identifying locations where community and industry are most dependent on coastal and marine resources, including sites with key conservation priority where Carnival Corp. and its ten cruise brands operate. The work of Nature Conservancy in these regions will let quantify marine ecosystems' value and develop mapping tools to manage investment decisions in the regions.