AIDA changes winter deployment, AIDAprima delivery delayed

By ,   August 4, 2015 ,   Cruise Industry

AIDA Cruises made adjustments to its winter program 2015-2016, as the voyages of AIDAprima from October this year can not take place as planned originally, according to the line. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries shipyard in Japan (Nagasaki), announced it was "not able to maintain the schedule for completing the vessel". In early 2014 Mitsubishi booked big financial loss on the same project.

The delivery date is to be announced at a later date. AIDAprima will debut in Hamburg in spring 2016. The changes will affect her first Maiden Voyage from Yokohama to Dubai, all Orient voyages, and Maiden Voyage II from Dubai to Hamburg.

AIDAstella will take some of the winter routes. The ship was previously planned to operate in the Western Mediterranean, but will be moved out of Europe during 2015-2016 winter and will take over the cruises originally planned for AIDAprima from Abu Dhabi and Dubai between November 2015 and March 2016.

A second ship is also on the order, scheduled for delivery in 2016 spring. AIDA has yet to announce the vessel’s name or deployment, fueling speculation about delays.

AIDA said that AIDAprima would operate on its "Metropolitan" sailings from Hamburg, Germany in April, 2016, as previously planned. The christening of the vessel will also be held in Hamburg.