Passengers contribute £8.7 million to Greenock

By ,   August 7, 2015 ,   Cruise Industry

In 2015 Greenock will become the first port in Scotland to welcome over 100,000 passengers in a single year.

It was estimated that each cruise passenger contributed around £80 to local economy. If Greenock achieves the projected 108,866 travelers in 2015, then it could bring £8.7 million (EUR 12.4 million) to local economy.

The investment in Greenock cruise terminal helped to create a comfortable and welcoming environment for passengers. Actually, it is the first impression that thousands of vacationers have of Scotland every year.

According to the interim port director Peel Ports Clydeport, Andrew Hemphill, they had a close working partnership with Inverclyde Tourist Group, greeting passengers as they arrived and offering vital information for travelers. He also shared that the "friendly tartan-clad terminal mascot Hamish" added to the memorable Greenock experience.

Almost 40% of cruise passengers from the U.S. arriving in Greenock, have chosen the port as their number one choice. Calls in 2015 include those from Queen Mary 2 (as part of the 175th anniversary celebrations of Cunard) and Britannia.