KUDOS to AIDA! The line cancels Faroe Islands calls because of new Pilot Whaling Act

By ,   August 12, 2015 ,   Cruise Industry

AIDA Cruises announced the cancelling of three planned calls to Klaksvik (the second largest town of Faroe Islands) this summer in response to a new Faroese Pilot Whaling Act

The Act, passed recently by the local government, continues to allow pilot whales to be culled or massacred in the name of food and resources management or Faroese cultural tradition; it also empowers the authorities to imprison (for up to 2 years) people found guilty of impeding legitimate whaling activities of the Faroese self-governing islanders, who defend jealously their whaling right despite torrents of international condemnations.

Sea Shepherd and Greenpeace are among the organizations taking direct action against the Act. Each year around 1,000 pilot whales are shockingly dragged into shallow waters and brutally massacred with handheld knives in Faroe Islands. Haunting images of the slaughtered animals lying helpless in a sea of blood circulate throughout international media. 

Petitions and calls for the conscious cruise industry have been proclaimed to boycott the islands. Many lines offer scheduled visits to Klaksvik and have been accused of supporting brutal whaling by sailing there.

AIDA Cruises is the first of the major cruise lines to make the decisive move. The huge popularity of Faroe Islands as a cruise destination has been growing among travellers in recent years. Such a move by a major operator is a serious blow to local tourism industry. It will mean the islands to lose up to 6,000 visitors, plus a substantial number of crew members.

Cruise lines will not wish to be associated with the darken image of Faroe Islands. We sincerely hope that AIDA will be the first of many to withdraw from the destination.