Costa cancels 2015 calls in Turkey

By ,   August 19, 2015 ,   Cruise Industry

Costa Cruises is suspending its remaining stopovers in Turkey for 2015 season.

The visits of the line in Izmir and Istanbul are replaced by alternatives in Italy, Malta and Greece. Changes affect three Costa ships: Costa Deliziosa, Costa neoClassica and Costa Pacifica.

A statement from the line said that the decision would ensure the best experience for passengers. The company kept informing its travel partners and guests and had taken all measures "to ensure minimum disruption in reaching and leaving the ship for those guests who have already booked their cruise".

Costa itinerary changes come in the wake of the terrorist attack on U.S. consulate in Istanbul earlier this month, by DHKP/C (Revolutionary People's Liberation Army Front). After the crackdown on terror groups like the Islamic State or other militants, six people were killed in attacks aiming Turkish security forces.