Crystal Cruises with UK and Hong Kong offices

By ,   August 25, 2015 ,   Cruise Industry

Crystal Cruises, the luxury market operator in Genting Hong Kong group, announced plans to open offices in Hong Kong and the UK to meet requirements that resulted from its expansion.

Crystal, which is headquartered in Los Angeles, recently opened a Miami office. The company mainly sources its travelers from the UK, the US, Canada and Japan. According to Paul Garcia, director of PR at Crystal Cruises, as they started to grow, they needed to get closer to customers.

He added that the introduction of three 100,000 GT ocean going ships, two river yachts and a passenger jet Boeing Dreamliner, meant that the company would also have to look at Crystal's operations bases and at least the river boats would be operated from the new planned office in the UK.

The ocean going cruise ships, built at Lloyd Werft shipyard Germany, are due to be delivered from 2017 onwards. The trio will feature all suite accommodations with a minimum size of suites about 400 square feet, which is close to twice the line's two existing ships.