Port Saint John deepens harbor

By ,   August 26, 2015 ,   Cruise Industry

Recent announcements from the provincial and federal governments and Port Saint John (New Brunswick, Canada) include a major deepening project of the harbor.

The 7-year USD 205 million project is a 3-way funding partnership, involving major capital work at Port’s West Side cargo handling facilities and piers but will also include dredging of the main channel.

Jim Quinn, President and CEO of Port Saint John, said they were delighted that their partners in the federal and provincial governments had joined a commitment of funding for Saint John.  He added they appreciated the recognition of importance of both cruise and cargo activity at Port Saint John.

Port's main channel will be deepened with 1.6 meters to 10 meters.  This will extend the operational window for vessels and will make Saint John more accessible to larger cruise ships.

A deeper channel will ensure the ability of cruise vessels to dock at either low or high tide. No longer reliant on tides, cruise operations will no more experience schedule challenges because of tidal restrictions and itinerary planners will have the opportunity to lengthen the port day for cruise passengers.  A longer day means that guests will have the time enough to explore the famous Bay of Fundy.

After over a quarter century, Port Saint John's cruise industry is well-established.  Recent milestones included the 2-millionth cruise guest of the port and the 1,000th cruise ship call.